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Driving Machinery Sales Globally

Welcome to your heavy equipment marketplace, designed to make buying and selling machinery easier than ever. Machinery Partner lets customers find the latest heavy equipment for sale direct from manufacturers, and manufacturers sell their machinery on a global scale. 

We specialize in connecting top manufacturers with construction companies to give you more choice. Because why should you be forced to buy from just one local dealer? We help you get the right machinery for you at the best price, regardless of location.

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Driving better business

As a construction company, you need to be able to unlock resources, machinery, and equipment at the best prices. At Machinery Partner, we make this easy, so you don’t have to rely on local heavy equipment dealers to find the best possible solution. 

We remove the dealer so you can enjoy better prices, and we give you access to a whole world of great deals and equipment produced by top manufacturers – shipped directly to you. Find the best machinery for sale anywhere and we’ll do the rest. We even have a nationwide network service operatives available for servicing and repairs. So you can get the most from your machinery right away. 

  • Review previous work
  • Book in servicing
  • Order machinery spare parts
  • Receive full service and support records
  • Grow your business faster
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A platform to grow your margins 

Cut out the middleman and access consumers around the world, selling direct to customers. We help industrial equipment suppliers sell easily without geographic restrictions, providing full support, and helping you boost your bottom line. 

You’ll receive local support and servicing, and access data through our convenient lifecycle tracking system. We help you optimize the entire process, improving your research and development, sales potential, and much more. 

  • Sell globally
  • Receive local support
  • Book in servicing
  • Access key data for lifecycle tracking
  • Improve margins and growth potential
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Unbeatable offers for the material handling industry

Machinery Partner is a team of motivated professionals committed to offering the best products on the market. We are constantly updating our selection to provide the latest machinery for sale across the globe. No matter what you need, our team is happy to help you find the perfect bit of kit. 

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