Travis started making 20% more product and profit....while also saving 25% on a machine!

Aggregate producer
Fences by Farr
Temple, Texas

Key takeaways

  • We worked with Travis to understand his exact needs and helped him realize he only needed one machine instead of two.
  • The machine we helped him into improved his operational efficiency by 20%
  • What we delivered from the manufacturer was the right machine for the job, which was 25% cheaper than a similar machine with the same exact specs from a local dealership. Not to mention, he didn’t have to buy a second machine.

Who are they?

Fences by Farr is a family run business based in Temple Texas.

They have over 20 years of experience providing fencing and concrete pouring services.

Owner Travis, and his son Belton, decided they wanted an introduction to screening and began looking for a machine to shred and separate a pile of cotton burbs they were stockpiling.

Why they chose us

After contacting a local dealership and receiving quotes for a name brand screener and shredder, the pair came across Machinery Partner. Unhappy with the limited selection offered by the dealership, they reached out to us to see what other options were available.

How it went down

We set up a conversation with one of our material experts, where Travis was able to tell us more about his needs, and share some photos of the material he was trying to process. Straight away, we were able to identify that the Farr business only needed one machine. Adding stones to their mix would allow them to break down the cotton burrs and remove the need for a shredder.


What we recommended (and provided) was the Screencore Trident 124. Not only did we remove the need for another machine, but the Trident was 25% cheaper than the local dealer's option. It was also able to improve the efficiency of Travis' product by 20%, due to its large bottom deck.

Travis and his son are a great example of the type of relationships we like to build here at Machinery Partner. We don't just want to sell machines. We want to help you make the right purchase decision for you, and be there to help you through any questions or issues you might have. We got on so well with Fences by Farr that they even helped us out with a virtual demonstration of the machine they bought!

What we delivered

The Screencore Trident 124 is a compact and mobile screener that still packs a lot of punch.

It's flat sided design means that the 12'x4'2" bottom deck on this machine will outperform most machines in the same weight an size class.

This scalping screen was a great fit for Travis' business, letting them screen a variety of dry materials.

They also need to move their machine around a lot, so the tracks and dog lead come in very handy.

Travis has been producing stockpiles of material since the start of 2021 with his machine.

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