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Receive pre-approved offers in 48 hours & get funded as fast as 5 business days.

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We make financing your equipment easy

Richard Bell, Delaware

"I purchased two machines, both have been great and I am planning to add another to my fleet. I had one repair request and it was handled quickly by a skilled technician."

  • Richard financed a trommel and conveyor combo to screen & stockpile topsoil.
  • We built a syndicate of lenders specialized in the equipment Richard bought to get him the best rates.
  • He didn't pay a dime until all of his equipment was on site and producing material.

Equipment Payment Calculator

Use our payment calculator to instantly estimate your monthly payment.

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What yearly interest rate (APR) will I get?

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Need help choosing a yearly interest Rate (APR)? We suggest:

• Poor Credit (below 600), 2 years in business: 18% APR
• Average Credit (680), 4 years in business: 11% APR
• Excellent Credit (780), 10 years in business: 7% APR

Disclaimer: This calculator provides estimate payments only. Figures quoted are not guaranteed. Your actual payment figures can be different and are subject to credit checks when you apply for financing. Financing payment calculations are based on APR and term. NOT ALL BUYERS WILL QUALIFY FOR THE LOWEST APR. NOT ALL BUYERS WILL QUALIFY FOR FINANCING.

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Frequently asked questions

Will applying affect my credit score?


When you apply through our website we will conduct a soft pull on your credit report.
This will not affect your personal credit score.

Later in the process some lenders may ask for a hard credit pull which will affect your score. We will always ask before performing a hard credit pull.

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Why do I need to provide my bank connection details?

By providing your bank details our systems can analyze your cashflow and determine the best loan offer for your business.

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What do lenders look at when reviewing my application

There are a range of factors that lenders will consider when reviewing your finance application, such as;

- Your credit score
- How long you've been in business
- Whether you have financed a similar amount in the past

To learn more read our post on what lenders look at.

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How long does it take to receive a loan offer?

Once you have completed your application, we will begin analyzing your financials and creating custom loan offers to suit your business.

It normally takes less than 48 hours to receive an offer.

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How do I repay the loan?

Once you agree to the loan repayment schedule, a fixed amount will automatically be deducted from the bank you linked during the onboarding.

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