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Common Questions

I want to see a machine in person before I buy, can you do this?
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We understand that a lot of our customers want to see a machine in person before they buy. For most people, it isn't practical to take time away from their work to fly across the country to view a unit.

That's why we put together a comprehensive list of machine overviews, videos of equipment working and our customer testimonials, to help give you a full view of each and every one of our machines.

We also have a team of in house materials experts that are available to talk about the material you want to produce, and the absolute best equipment to get the job done. You can set up a FREE appointment to speak with one of our materials experts.

In some cases we can arrange a video call to walk around a machine and view specific components - as if you were really there in person.

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How does servicing and support work?
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One of the things we’re changing is how small and growing businesses are supported after buying their equipment. Our team at Machinery Partner have been in the industry for years and are dedicated to improving the aftercare process to help keep your equipment up and running.

We are always here to help! Between Machinery Partner experts and on the ground local service techs, we can have someone on site as soon as possible reducing your equipment's downtime. We aim to have a tech on site, if required within 24 hours.

We are committed to getting any down machine back up and running as soon as possible, regardless of the situation.

We only select equipment that can be serviced and repaired locally with widely available spare parts. Our service providers are in every state, and thanks to our secondary warehouses in Ohio and Texas, we can ship a range of spare parts directly to your site without delay.

For more complex and specialized parts we will work directly with the suppliers to get replacements to you as soon as we possibly can.

We see you as a partner and not just a customer - we are always here to help no matter the problem.

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Where do your machines come from?
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Unlike traditional dealers or resellers, we let you buy directly from manufacturers around the world, not just the ones you can drive to.

That means you have access to the best brands in the world at great prices. For example, we work with manufacturers in Ireland - the crushing and screening capital of the world as well as 50 year old Italian breaker manufacturers and Austrian crushing powerhouses.

Above all, we only work with the best of the best, and when you work with us, you can be assured that we've got your back.

Read our servicing and support FAQ to see how committed we are to keep your machines up and running for your business.

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Why are people choosing Machinery Partner over a traditional dealership?
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At Machinery Partner we are changing the way equipment is sourced, financed, and serviced.

We know how hard it can be to get your hands on the right equipment that will help your business grow - we're here to make the whole process easier.

The traditional dealership model is broken. Availability is limited to what is on the lot, so customers are left to buy equipment that is too big or small for their needs or mightn't be suitable for their business.

Financing options are not built for small and growing business owners, as they are rated based on personal credit and not the success and viability of the business.

Worst of all, aftercare is virtually non-existent. When something goes wrong, businesses can be down for weeks at a time with no access to specialist support.

We are not a dealership.

We are not tied to one specific brand, and because we ship directly from a range of manufacturers we source our customers the perfect machine for their business - we don't just sell them what we have in stock.

We do finance differently too. By building a case to multiple lenders for the revenue a new machine can generate, and looking at more than just your credit score to get you to a rate and monthly payments that works for your business.

That's why we've built the most responsive and reliable support system in the industry. We don't care if you buy a million dollar unit or a thousand dollar unit. We're here to support each and every one of you and keep your operation running smoothly.

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Do you offer financing? Do you lease or rent machines?
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Check out our finance page to apply for equipment finance or see how much your monthly payments could be

We work with a number of lenders so you can get quickly approved for the equipment your business needs to grow.

Applying won't affect your personal credit score as we only conduct a soft credit check. Later in the process some lenders may ask for a hard credit pull which will affect your score. We will always ask before performing a hard credit pull.

Repayment options are fully flexible and we will work with you to suit your needs.

We don't offer leasing right now.

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How does shipping work?
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We ship our machines directly from the factories of top manufacturers across the world, straight to our customer's yards all across the U.S.

To help you prepare for the delivery of your new machine, we let you track the LIVE location of your order as it makes its way to you.

Your dedicated customer success rep will also be on hand to help out with any questions or queries you have while your equipment is en route.

All shipping costs are included in our prices for domestic delivery all across the U.S. Additional shipping costs may apply for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Pricing does not include any state tax or tariffs.

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How quickly can I get a machine in my yard?
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Once your finance papers have been signed or you have paid a deposit, we will ship your machine directly to you.

If we have your machine in stock in the U.S. that normally means you will have it in your yard in 7-10 days.

If we have to ship your machine from overseas it normally takes 6-8 weeks to get a machine to you from the manufacturer [please note shipping times may vary due to recent shortages and delays globally].
If your machine hasn't been fully built yet, or your order contains custom add-ons or options, delivery times will be longer.

Our team at Machinery Partner can share up-to-date delivery information with you and will do their best to work to your timeline.

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