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What is the Partner Program?

If you get on to our Manufacturer Partner Program we will add you to the Machinery Partner range.

Here's what that means for you;

  • We'll promote and sell your machines for free
  • Higher margins for you, lower prices for your customers
  • Sell across the US without a local dealer
  • Get access to real time data from your machines in the field
  • Access our dashboard for customer information and much more

All you need to do is apply and tell us why you think your company would be a good fit for Machinery Partner.

What you'll get

Virtual demos & professional videos of your machines
As part of the partner program, we'll send out professional video crews to film your machines in action, just like this one. We'll even host live virtual demos where customers can ask you about your machines.
Custom insights and data from your machines
We retrofit the machines we sell with sensors to capture important data from our customers like run time, vibration, and temperature. As part of our manufacturer partner program you'll have the opportunity to customise what data you receive from your machines.
No set up. Absolutely nothing for you to do!
For our manufacturing partners only, we'll take care of all of the set up uploading all of your machines and information to platform. So you can sit back and watch the sales roll in.
Machinery partner partner machine from screencore

New markets. Higher margins. Clicks away.

Machinery Partner is a platform designed with industrial equipment suppliers and manufacturers in mind. We eliminate geographic restrictions so you can sell your machinery to customers anywhere across the US. Receive expert support, local servicing, and full machinery and equipment lifecycle tracking. We help you optimize every aspect of a sale, from research and development to friendly and transparent customer support.

Use dashboards from machinery partner to track your heavy equipment

Dashboards and lifecycle tracking

Our intuitive customer dashboards put everything you need at your fingertips. They give you access to a lifecycle tracking system that records servicing, machinery spare parts, and other key data. Understand the value of your machines across their lifecycle and use critical insights for future research and development.

hydraulic crusher on pallet from machinery partner

Digital dealership model 

Through our digital dealership model, you save money on dealer development. We help you access new markets, assess performance, and manage heavy equipment sales efficiently so you can focus on growing your business. We provide services like third-party validation and greater online accessibility so manufacturers, parts manufacturers, and heavy equipment dealers all can grow easily.

Screencore feeder green

Customer support

Our heavy machinery marketplace allows you to contact end-users to ensure they are well taken care of at every phase. A direct line of communication ensures you know exactly how they feel about your products. Your customers feel supported throughout the process, and you receive insights to fuel future research and development. 

Boost profits through our global network

Our global network lets you tap into a whole new customer base in a matter of clicks. This is your opportunity to sell more equipment and generate more profit without the time and effort. Use cutting edge technology to access an international network of customers who need your equipment. Focus on producing your incredible products, knowing our Machinery Partner is here to help you grow. 

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