Welcome to your heavy machinery marketplace

At Machinery Partner, we apply years of expertise to help customers and industrial machinery manufacturers operate at their best. We know what it’s like to be a busy construction company in need of the right equipment at the right price, without adding even more to your workload. It’s why we help customers zero in on the perfect product for their specific application. Bringing you a world of options so you have more choice when it comes to price and model.

We also enable manufacturers to tap into new markets across the globe, so they can scale-up without having to commit to major investments or time sourcing the right dealers to work with. 

No matter what you’re looking for, our innovative platform will help you reach it.

Why work with us

Built by professionals

Our industry-leading platform was built by, and for, material handling professionals. We’ve been in this industry for years. We understand the challenges construction companies and their manufacturing sales and marketing teams face. This was the inspiration behind Machinery Partner. 

Easier for everyone

We wanted to make it easier for both customers and manufacturers to connect. Whether they want to buy machines, organise servicing, or better understand each other's needs. We think this is the best way for our industry to continue to grow and thrive on a global scale.  

Find machinery for sale

The Machinery Partner platform helps customers find machines for sale, book servicing, order spare parts, review previous work, and record a full digital service history. Manufacturers enjoy the opportunity to sell without geographic restrictions, receive local support, and utilize lifecycle tracking enabled by our customer dashboards.

Our mission

The Machinery Partner mission is simple. To foster exponential growth for the materials handling industry. We believe wholeheartedly in this industry and the companies that push it forward every day. We see our platform as a helping hand guiding growth, networking, and communication, so each of these businesses can maximize their potential. 

Meet the founder

Ciaran has over 10 years of experience working in the material handling industry in local, national, and global sales and marketing roles. As the Global Marketing Manager for Anaconda Equipment, one of Ireland’s most successful compact screening companies, he drove revenue growth of 47 percent within 18 months. 

He created a digital strategy that included third-party validation, online accessibility through directories and search engines, and data optimization. This approach led him to build Machinery Partner, a place where manufacturers, parts manufacturers, and heavy equipment dealers can come to apply these digital tools and grow their businesses. 

Ciaran has seen countless machinery and equipment businesses grow due to digitalization, and he is eager to offer this opportunity throughout the material handling industry. 

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