750J Crusher

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The Barford 750J is a compact jaw crusher with some features that make it ideal for working in built up areas, or moving from site to site.

This crusher has a pair of 28" by 20" hydraulic jaws that are reversible. So if you get any material stuck in between them, you aren't going to have to break down the machine. You can just put the jaws in reverse for a bit to release whatever is stuck in between them, and carry on working.

It's got a 60hp motor, but is also dual power, so if you want, you can run this machine entirely off a mains connection. This is going to be great for conserving fuel or if you're working in a built up area and need to keep noise down.

The 750J has a vibrating feeder that pushes material along at a nice constant speed. It also has a feed sensor to control the material flow if it's getting too quick for the machine. Overall, this provides a consistent flow which makes the machine crush really well.

This machine is great for crushing concrete, which you can see in the video below, but it's also ideal for processing asphalt, demolition materials, and recycling waste. If you are crushing something like CMD that might have metal or rebar in it, there's an overband magnet above the main exit conveyor, so you aren't going to damage a screener or impact crusher that might be working after the machine, by throwing a piece of metal at it.

What's really impressive about this machine is its size and weight. It weighs less than 20 tons and has a transport width of less than 8 feet. That means it can fit inside a standard 40' container while still having some really respectable crushing power. This is great if you need to get your crusher into sites in built up areas, or just generally move your machine around a lot.

It's also on tracks, so with the help of the umbilical remote that's attached to the machine, you can drive it straight on or off a trailer and be crushing within 15 minutes of getting to a site. As well as the wired remote, there is also an optional wireless remote that can be used to control the jaws, so if you're loading this machine from an excavator, you can also control it right from the cabin.

Optional extras include;

  • Tines/Finger screens in the feeder (included for free when you buy from us, worth $1,000) - These are going to stop some of the smaller material getting into the jaws, so it can process those bigger chunks a bit easier.This means you can be a bit less picky about what you're putting into the machine and can load it up with a mix of finer and larger material.
  • Wireless remote control ($800/$3,000) - Wireless remote to control your crusher from a distance. The $3,000 option will give you full control over your machines jaw, conveyors, and tracks and the $800 option will give you control over the jaw.
  • Dust suppression kit ($1,000) - So if you're working with particularly dusty material this can help prevent dust clouds forming which can be bad for your health and also make it harder to see what you're doing.
  • Fines belt on 180° swivel ($9,950) - used to carry fines that are falling through the vibrating feeder away from the main conveyor, so you can process the rest of the material quicker, and you also get a nice fine product out the back of the machine that you can also sell.
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Jaw crusher

700x500mm single toggle jaw crusher (28” x 20”)
Corrugated jaw plates
6 tons (2,700lbs)
Hydraulic wedges with spring rod retainer & reverse drive function

45kW electric motor (60hp)
Vee belt and pulley drive

Vibrating Feeder

Electric out of balance motors
Vibrating grizzly with fines to main conveyor
Feed sensor controlled
Operator handset control

Feed Hopper

3-sided braced structure
Hardox lined


Twin 1.5kw electric drive (2no. 2Hp)
800mm wide HD belt (28”)
Side skirting full length
Hydraulic adjustable angle
Longer + Folding


Tracks powered from electric/hydraulic pack
Maintenance steps and platform

Power Unit

Diesel Electric generator (88kva) Stage 5 CAT 4.4
Dual Power / mains plug in


1.5kw electric drive (2Hp)
Overband magnet above conveyor
Stainless steel chute


Maintenance platform and steps to crusher inlet
Rear and side access under crusher


Conveyor lowers for access under gen set and crusher
Electrical control panel with push buttons c/w contactors & relays
Umbilical remote for tracks
Wireless remote to stop/start feeder (optional extra)

Power Pack

22kW Electric hydraulic (30Hp)
Drives tracks via solenoid in transport mode Powers hydraulic functions for setup Hydraulic functions:-

  • Raise and lower conveyor
  • Fold conveyor head
  • Adjust Closed Side Setting on jaw crusher

Redundant during machine operation


9.9m long x 2.3m wide x 2.6m high (32’-6” x 7’-7” x 8’-7”)
Feed Height: 2.8m
Stockpile; 3.1m
Weight: 19,500kgs (43,000lbs)
Ships in 12m (40ft) High Cube container

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