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As a Manufacturer, building a dealership network is a difficult, costly, and long process. With Machinery Partner you can gain instant access to buyers across the entire United States and beyond. We offer a comprehensive platform for demand creation, working with existing dealerships, and technology to make you efficient.

Sell your equipment across the entire U.S. marketUnited States Flag
Sold equipment in 40
U.S. states and counting
In 2023, we sold 70+ pieces of equipment from our top 3 manufacturers.
$0 to $6.5M
We increased U.S. sales for OEMs from $0 to $6.5 million in just two years
Barford factory
Barford is among the world's top crushing and screening brands, known for reliability and value, and has quickly grown its reach in the US thanks to Machinery Partner. Machinery Partner helped Barford reach new territories in the southwest or northeast US. We have a great working relationship and always prioritize the needs of the customer. They give us great feedback on how to improve our equipment, and provide technology solutions to help us reach more customers.
Stpehan from Barford
Director of Sales at Barford Equipment
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Value We Bring

A nationwide online platform for new equipment distribution

A nationwide online platform
nationwide marketing campaigns


Your new equipment gets nationwide marketing campaigns

From our nationwide marketing campaigns using advanced, data-driven targeting to our cutting edge online marketplace platform, we know how to reach customers and sell your new equipment in the US market.


Your new equipment gets a dedicated sales team

Our trained sales experts understand your equipment and the needs of U.S. customers. They learn every detail of your new equipment to assist your customers online in selecting the right one for the job. Why online? Because the buyer is changing and looking to the internet for knowledge and commerce.

Dedicated sales team
financing options with flexible terms


Your new equipment gets financing options with flexible terms

We have partnered with over 15 financial institutions nationwide to offer the best financing options, combined with the latest technology, to assist your customers in securing financing for their equipment purchases. We work tirelessly to get the customer financed and have the experience to make it happen.


Your new equipment gets door-to-door shipping, delivery inspection & on-site training

We take care of all shipping logistics to drop ship direct from the factor to the customer. At delivery and commissioning our local technicians perform the post-delivery inspection and provide on-site training to set the customer up for success.

Door-to-door shipping, delivery inspection & on-site training
24/7 nationwide service & support


Your new equipment gets 24/7 nationwide service & support

Our in-house service and support team is available 24/7, responsible for all after-sale customer support. This ranges from handling warranty claims to providing services, repairs and spare parts. We have a network of vetted & trained technicians who are on-site within 24 hours across the U.S.


Your new equipment gets direct customer feedback

We regularly collect and share real, direct customer feedback with you to aid your product development process. We provide machine improvement feedback and transparency on all our support tickets to help you win in the local market.

direct customer feedback
Issue reports


Insights and reports for you to be successful

Which category of new equipment is the most sought-after in the US today? Which of your models had the highest number of issues? Which part is most likely to malfunction? We regularly report on this information to our Manufactures so they can grow.

How We Work with Dealerships

We are dealer friendly and complement existing networks with you in control

We are dealer friendly and complement existing networks with you in control
We help extend your reach to all parts of the U.S. where you are lacking dealerships

We help extend your reach to all parts of the U.S. where you are lacking dealerships

Machinery Partner can augment your existing dealer network and sell in open territories where you do not have coverage.

We can help your existing dealership network to get more qualified leads

We can work with existing dealers to share leads in their territories. We have programs that can bring demand to dealerships to help them make more money and be beneficial to all parties involved.

We help your existing dealership network according to your needs

We help your existing dealership network according to your needs

We can design a program that is right for you. In some cases, we just helped build your brand with marketing. In other cases, we have provided financing, service technicians, and supply of equipment when dealerships were in need.

Bottom line is that we are flexible and want to work to improve distribution as a whole for the OEM.

Technology Solutions

We offer digital tools to help OEM’s improve their business

We offer digital tools to help OEM’s improve their business
Inspections and Issue Capture

Quality Control

Inspections and Issue Capture

Say goodbye to old, error-prone, and unscalable inspection methods like paper based checklists. We offer a mobile app for inspecting machinery with real-time collaboration and built in AI for scanning information. Use this purpose built solution for during manufacturing, pre-delivery inspection, shipping, and commissioning.

Marketing Tools

Model Management, Websites, Data Sheets, and More

Tools for managing all the information about your equipment models can be provide along with modern and dynamic websites and data sheets all in an effort to improve how you present to the outside world.

Model Management, Websites, Data Sheets, and More
Market Analytics Platform


Market Analytics Platform

Knowledge is critical to be a leader in the industry. Machinery Partner is working to delivery OEM’s insights they need to deliver more innovative products. Our platform provides insights on support issues, warranty trends, demand charts, and new product development intelligence.

Continous innovation

We Continuously Innovate

  • Warranty filling system with app (coming soon)
  • Inventory management (coming soon)
  • Cash flow management (coming soon)
We Continuously Innovate

Delivering your equipment across all 50 states

Play video: Shredding demolition waste in Texas

Shredding demolition waste

Play video: Starting a concrete recycling business in Florida

Starting a concrete recycling business

Play video: Making base product for construction in Arizona

Making base product for construction

Common Questions

Where can customers see the equipment in person?
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Machinery Partner works hard to provide a tremendous amount of information online, with our sales people over the phone, and even with FaceTime or WhatsApp live video walk through sessions. If a prospect still wants to see the machine in person, they can do so at one our customers or in one of our holding yards. We even have a referral program for existing customers who demo their machines to prospects to be compensated for that service.

How can an online company service & support a customer when they break down?
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Machinery Partner has an in house support team to solve problems and a strong network of verified local technicians who do work in the field. We have a network of warehouses holding critical parts and alternative suppliers for commodity items like filters. Learn more

How does Machinery Partner work with my dealers?
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Machinery Partner is dealer friendly and wants to augment any existing dealership network a manufacturer may already have in place. There are programs to share leads, service techs, financing, etc. in order to coexist in and thrive.

How old is Machinery Partner and does it have staying power?
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Machinery Partner was founded in 2020 and has quickly grown. It is now doing business in 35 states. It has almost 30 employees and a revolving line of credit for financing purchases and to invest in key business initiatives. It has also has funding from venture firms who have invested in other industrial companies. Machinery Partner is building a durable business to service customers for decades to come.

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