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Asphalt crusher plant setup

large pile of broken up blacktop driveway or asphalt that is about to be fed into a jaw crusher

What is asphalt?

Asphalt or ‘blacktop’ is a construction material that is widely used in the industry for lots of different projects. It's a durable material that is made up of bitumen (a thick and sticky petroleum), crushed stones, and sand. As asphalt is created by a 'hot mix' process, it is durable and resistant to most weather conditions and stresses over time. Due to its long-lasting nature (up to 25 years!), asphalt is used for driveways, parking lots, airport runways, pathways and bike lanes, sports courts, and children’s playgrounds. Asphalt can also be used for roofing shingles or asphalt tiles depending on the project you are working on.

large pile of asphalt ready to be crushed. blacktop driveway that has been broken up
Asphalt from a parking lot that has been torn up

Can you crush asphalt?

Yes! - Large pieces of asphalt can be fed into a crusher to create smaller, more manageable pieces. Crushing is a great way of recycling asphalt or breaking it down to lower transportation costs and landfill tipping fees. 

To crush asphalt you will need a specialized machine or maybe even an asphalt crushing plant sent up. Don’t worry though - Machinery Partner are here to explain all you need to know about asphalt crushing and how to get started! Keep reading to find out more or give the experts a call.

What can crushed asphalt be used for?

Crushed asphalt can be used in many different construction projects. One of the most common uses is as asphalt paving where the asphalt is crushed to a smaller size by a crusher and used as a substitute for gravel when making new asphalt. This reduces material costs and drastically cuts down on transportation and labor fees as you won’t have to worry about sending your old asphalt to landfill - instead, it can be used directly on your next project such as laying a new asphalt driveway or playground. You can also use it for repairing potholes and wear and tear on blacktop driveways.

Asphalt crushers allow for the complete recycling of asphalt so it can be reused and added to new construction projects. This process begins with an asphalt crusher that breaks apart chunks into much smaller pieces. From there, the asphalt is brought to asphalt plants where it is mixed other materials to make the finished product.

Crushed asphalt is an excellent material to use for a variety of different projects. Whether you need to fill in patches or lay down large-scale paving, recycled asphalt provides a reliable, affordable option.

asphalt highway with cars, truck and trailers driving on both sides of the road. It is a busy highway
Asphalt makes a great surface for highways and roads

What machines can crush asphalt?

There are two main types of machines that are used to crush asphalt - jaw crushers and impact crushers. These machines break down asphalt in different ways & lead to different products. 

Impactors use impact force from rotating hammers to break down asphalt chunks into smaller, more manageable sizes whereas jaw crushers crush asphalt by squeezing it between two plates. Learn more about the difference between jaw and impact crushers here. Both machines excel at crushing asphalt according to their own unique methods, however, there is a big price difference between them. If you are working on large asphalt projects, the increased expense of an impactor is worth it where a larger size reduction is necessary. If you're just getting started with asphalt crushing however, don't worry; there are plenty of asphalt crushers available on the market that can give the same great results for a lower cost like the ARK 704 jaw crusher below or the smaller ARK 503.

yellow jaw crusher being fed by a john deere excavator with sphalt or blacktop driveway. The asphalt is being crushed down into a small size and is being stockpiled on the other side at the end of the conveyor
ARK 704 crushing asphalt

Crushing asphalt might not be as straightforward as you think. It’s always best to talk to an expert before you start as there are lots of things you will need to keep in mind. For example, asphalt gets hot and sticky inside the crusher, it can cause the material to ball together and make the crushing process much more difficult. To solve this problem, many asphalt crushing operations use water spray bars to cool down the asphalt inside the machine. This makes sure that asphalt doesn't stick to itself as much, allowing for a smoother and more efficient crushing process.

Want to know more about how a jaw crusher is a great machine for breaking down asphalt and blacktop? Just check out the video below where David from Machinery Partner will explain everything!

What is the best asphalt crusher setup?

A crushing plant is a set of crushing and screening machines that work together to break down and separate materials like rock, ore, and asphalt into different sizes. The crushing plant can be set up in a number of ways, depending on the desired output size, the material to be crushed, and the capacity of the plant.

Small-scale asphalt crushing plant

A small-scale asphalt crusher plant is perfect for a contractor who is ripping up a few hundred tons of blacktop driveways or asphalt roads. This asphalt crusher setup is made up of an excavator feeding a jaw crusher [ARK 503 jaw crusher]. If you want to increase the quality of your asphalt you can add a small screener [ARK 221 3-way scalping screen] to make it into a plant setup. This will help you split your product into different-sized piles. 

Large-scale asphalt crushing plant

A Large asphalt crushing plant consists of a primary jaw crusher, a secondary impactor which then feeds into a screener. The jaw crusher is used to break asphalt down into manageable chunks before it enters the other two components of the plant. The impactor further breaks asphalt into smaller pieces with its rotating motion, while the screener sorts these pieces by size. 

There are also medium asphalt crushing set-ups that use only an impact crusher and a screener or alternatively, a large asphalt jaw crusher and large screener to produce asphalt at an even larger scale. With one of these asphalt crushing plants, you can quickly produce the desired asphalt particles for any job.

yellow and gray barford 750j crushing into an barford sr124. the machines are crushing and screening in a plant setup
Crusher and screener setup

Machinery Partner help you crush it

Machinery Partner are here to make asphalt crushing easy. Whether you've done asphalt crushing before or are fresh to the process, we have a range of asphalt crushers that you can pick from. We provide financing options that work for everyone and ensure our machines can get the job done right. And all you need to do is give us a call and we'll get started!