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How Tony started making money from concrete he was dumping

Tony Burham, TN

<div id="key-takeaways">Key takeaways</div>

  • Our material experts were able to guide Tony (a haulage expert) through a range of machine options that would help him crush the concrete he was dumping, to help him make the right decision.
  • We delivered a mobile jaw crusher along with a service technician who was able to fully train Tony from scratch on how to operate his new equipment.
  • Instead of dumping his concrete, Tony is now earning an extra revenue stream by crushing and selling it!

<div id="who-are-they">Who are they?</div>

Tony is a man all about construction.

You only need to take one look at his truck to know this guy means business!

He works in everything from excavation to demolition, but his real bread and butter is trucking and haulage.

<div id="why-they-chose-us">Why they chose us</div>

Tony was transporting huge loads of concrete away from sites for his customers, and was running out of places to dump it.

After speaking to some of his friends in the industry, he realised that instead of dumping this concrete, he could be crushing it down and selling it for around $25 per ton.

That's right, he could be selling the material he was getting for free!

Around this time, Tony came across Machinery Partner and realised he could save a lot of money on a crusher compared to the more traditional routes he was researching.

<div id="how-it-went-down">How it went down</div>

Tony is a really straightforward guy and knew exactly what he wanted; a mobile machine that could do some serious crushing!

He gave us a call to chat a bit more about a Barford 750J that he had found on our website.

After asking all of the questions he had and looking over the videos and information we provided, it only took Tony a few days to pull the trigger.

Looking at how much concrete Tony was going to process we were able to figure out exactly what sort of monthly payments would work for him.

He lined up all of his documentation for us, so we were able to fly him through the finance process in just a few days, and get him the best rate possible.

<div id="results">Results</div>

Tony's crusher shipped directly from Barford's factory to his yard in Tennessee.

We had a training specialist take him through the entire set up and operation of the machine, and he was producing concrete in no time.


What we delivered


28" ✕ 20" Tracked Mobile Jaw Crusher

6149 - 7885
Best Seller
28" ✕ 20" Tracked Mobile Jaw Crusher
Size In
Size Out
130 hp
Caterpillar (CAT 4.4)
28" ✕ 20"
30 - 150 TPH
40,000 lbs
Up to 16"
1.5" - 5"
32'6" ✕ 7'7" ✕ 8'7"
36'3" ✕ 7'7" ✕ 9'3"

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