Dennis is transforming his contracting business into a rock crushing empire

General Contractor
Diverse Construction LLC
Ardmore, Oklahoma

Key takeaways

Dennis saw an opportunity to expand his business by crushing demolition waste into road base aggregate.

He needed a rock crusher that works as hard as he does – up to 12 hours a day.

Based on Dennis’s applications, we recommended the Barford 750J Jaw Crusher.

Machinery Partner’s product documentation and service network sealed the deal.

Who are they?

A longtime contractor, Dennis recently started his own company in Ardmore, OK in the southern part of the state, about midway between Oklahoma City and Dallas.

Diverse Construction, LLC is a full-service company, offering commercial construction, hauling, excavation, welding, and more.

With more than two decades of experience in construction and demolition, Dennis knows you sometimes must break something before you can build something greater. That’s why he has expanded into material processing.

Why they chose us

Often hired to haul away demolition debris, Dennis decided he could crush and recycle the stone, concrete, and asphalt his crews carried away for use in making road base.

As a career contractor, Dennis certainly knows his way around heavy equipment. He was at the controls of an excavator before he could ride a bike (only a slight exaggeration). But he was not familiar with rock crushers and wasn’t sure how to pick the best one for his needs.

As a smart businessman, Dennis’s first call was to Machinery Partner.

How it went down

Dennis appreciated that Machinery Partner took the time to understand his needs. As with all our customers, our first concern was determining his workload and applications. We engaged him in a string of long, fact-finding conversations to determine what types of material he would be handling and what needed to be done to it.

Together we decided that Dennis needed a heavy-duty crusher that could stand up to a full day’s work, and then some – up to 12 hours on some days. With all this in mind, we were able to recommend the perfect tool for the job.

Dennis was sold on Machinery Partners’ our thorough documentation of the Barford 750J’s specifications and capabilities. Since we do not maintain physical locations or showrooms, Dennis bought his new rock crusher sight unseen, impressed by our extensive network of service partners and our assurance that a service call is never more than a day away.

That commitment was put to the test when a glitch caused Dennis’s crusher to shut off unexpectedly. Our service technician arrived the next day and had the machine fixed in less than 48 hours.


Though he had never operated a rock crusher before purchasing the Barford 750J, Dennis’s comfort around heavy equipment made him a natural at handling the machine’s raw power.

Diverse Construction’s material crushing and recycling operation has been so successful that it recently won a contract to process a half million metric tons of dirt. That will require expansion, and Dennis is already in the process of buying two additional pieces of equipment from us.

Dennis is committed to making his machines last. His Barford jaw crusher is equipped with an array of sensors that can detect unusual vibrations. If these anomalies occur, Dennis can call in our maintenance and repair teams to fix the problem before it can cause serious downtime and an expensive major malfunction.

What we delivered

The Barford 750J is a mobile crushing unit that doesn't require any transport permits, but can still crush up to 150 tons of rock or concrete per hour.

This crusher was a great fit for Dennis' business, letting him start crushing on job sites or in his own yard.

We worked with Dennis to figure out how much material he had available to crush, and matched him with this machine to maximise the profitability of his operation.

This machine is also extremely easy to use, so even though Dennis had never crushed before, starting and operating the machine is a breeze for him.

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