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How Tony and the team started screening rock & selling to suppliers

Tony, Union Mills, North Carolina

<div id="key-takeaways">Key takeaways</div>

  • The team got a screener that could sort rocks into sand, 57 rock and oversized.
  • The equipment we supplied also let them change the configuration and make even more materials with a deck change in only 15 mins [Chandler timed it!]
  • Immediate availability of ARK 5030 3-way scalping screen meant the team was up and screening in just a few weeks!

<div id="who-are-they">Who are they?</div>

Appalachian Wash Stone and Gravel are based out of Union Mills, North Carolina. Business partners Tony, Julius, Lou, Jamie & Mike screen river rock for landscaping projects and are contractors for some notable suppliers in their state.

<div id="why-they-chose-us">Why they chose us</div>

Tony and the guys recently bought a plot of land that was filled with high-value rock that they wanted to screen and sell to their local suppliers. The team were already screening using a homemade wash plant/trommel but needed a way to categorize the sizes and separate them up.

After coming across Machinery Partner on Facebook, and seeing our full range of screeners, they decided to give us a call! Machinery Partner expert - Chandler was there to answer all their questions and help them choose their perfect screener - ARK 5030 3-way scalping screen. This screener was perfect for Appalachian Wash Stone and Gravel as it allowed them sort and grade their material into sand, pea gravel, 57 rock and 1 1/2” + rock. Quick screen deck change times were important so the team so they could change the size of the rock they were making without too much downtime.

Best of all, Machinery Partner already had a unit on the way to the U.S. and were able to send it directly to their site more quickly than current industry lead times- getting them screening & making money in no time! Check out their screening setup below.

<div id="results">Results</div>

Machinery Partner experts Chandler, Jennifer and Nick were there on delivery day to set up the screener and teach the guys how to use their new machine.

“I couldn't be happier, that is exactly what I pictured in my head”- Tony

We are so happy to welcome Tony, Julius, Lou, Jamie & Mike into the Machinery Partner family - Happy Screening!

Nick, Chandler & Tony on delivery day!


What we delivered


9' ✕ 4' Compact Tracked 3 Way Scalping Screen

3119 - 4000
No items found.
9' ✕ 4' Compact Tracked 3 Way Scalping Screen
Deck Size
Down to 1/4"
8'10" ✕ 3'9"
60 hp
Doosan Stage 4 Final
8' 9"
Up to 280 tph
26,455 lbs
8'10" ✕ 3'9"
Up to 20
Down to 1/4"
6' 5"
Up to 20"
31'6" ✕ 7'5" ✕ 8'4"
30'10" ✕ 34'9" ✕ 9'6"

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