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We partnered with George and his bank to secure a deal for this MONSTER shredder

George, Port Neches, Texas

<div id="key-takeaways">Key takeaways</div>

  • We worked with George’s preferred finance provider to get him the best deal on his new equipment.
  • ‘This is just so amazing’ - A direct quote from George right after he started shredding with his brand new ARK Krokodile!

<div id="who-are-they">Who are they?</div>

GB Dumpsters Demolition is run by George and his team in Port Neches, Texas. They specialize in residential demolitions and tear down around 5 properties a week on both government & private contracts. He runs a series of roll-off dumpsters and stores all of his construction & demolition waste in his yard before processing.

<div id="why-they-chose-us">Why they chose us</div>

George needed a machine that was able to shred down the construction & demolition waste from his jobs into a fine material. After doing a lot of research he came across the ARK Krokodile shredder. This machine is a beast at shredding through anything from wood, to cement, concrete, tires and even things like mattresses at up to 220 tph! The Krokodile also came fitted with an overband magnet to remove any rebar or metal from the C&D waste - the perfect machine for GB Dumpsters Demolition.

George found Machinery Partner when he was researching the Krokodile and gave Machinery Partner a call. He wanted to work with a finance provider that he had used for his previous equipment purchases - which we were more than happy to accommodate. We worked directly with the provider to secure finance on George’s dream machine.

ARK Krokodile on site at GB Dunpsters Demolition

<div id="results">Results</div>

We delivered the  ARK Krokodile shredder to Georges’s site in Texas!

Machinery Partner experts - Jennifer and Donny were there on delivery day with local service techs to set up the shredder. They talked George and his team through the set-up, running and maintenance of their new shredder.

George was first up to try out the shredder and loaded in some C&D waste - he said ‘this is just so amazing’ and was super impressed with how fine the material was coming out of the machine. He wanted to keep shredding all night!

The service techs were also impressed with the quality, build & serviceability of the Krokodile. They found the machine really easy to work with & the large engine bay doors meant that it was very easy to get in and around all the main parts of the machine.

We are so happy to welcome George & GD Dumpsters Demolition into the Machinery Partner family!

service tech from rig roadside repair setting up the yellow and gray krokodile from ARK
Service tech onsite setting up the ARK Krokodile

Check out the Krokodile Shredder in action


What we delivered


60" Shaft Tracked Mobile Shredder

6060 - 7771
60" Shaft Tracked Mobile Shredder
Size In
Size Out
220 hp
Volvo Stage 4
18-175 tph
29,763 lbs
Up to 50"
3-1/4" to 5-3/4"
23'7 ✕ 7'3" ✕ 7'5"
27'6" ✕ 7'3" ✕ 12'

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