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What role do screeners play in Virginia

Screeners, a critical piece of heavy machinery, play a pivotal role in Virginia's robust mining and extraction industry. These machines are designed to separate different types of materials based on their size, making them essential in the processing of various mined or extracted resources. In Virginia, one of the most commonly mined materials is coal, primarily sourced from the state's southwestern region. The coal is then screened to remove impurities before it's used for electricity generation or steel production.

Screeners also prove indispensable in the extraction and processing of crushed stone, another major resource in Virginia. This material is sorted into different sizes using screeners and then used for construction purposes such as road building and concrete production. Quarries like Vulcan Materials Company and Luck Stone Corporation are significant players in this sector.

Sand and gravel are other resources that heavily rely on screeners during their extraction process in Virginia. These materials are typically used for construction projects as well as for water filtration systems. Companies such as Chaney Enterprises operate extensive sand and gravel mining operations within the state.

Virginia produces over 60 million metric tons of aggregate material annually, mostly in crushed stone, split largely between limestone and granite. Due to the specific materials, this accounts for over $1 billion in aggregate material value for the state every year. 

In all these cases, screeners help ensure that the end product meets the industry specifications and standards, thus guaranteeing quality output from Virginia's mining industry. It’s clear that without these machines, many of Virginia's mining operations would struggle to maintain efficiency and productivity levels. Therefore, when considering a screener purchase or rental decision in this region, it's crucial to take into account not only the make and model but also its suitability for the specific type of material you'll be working with.

What role do screeners play in Virginia

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