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New equipment for processsing Car Bodies

Extra large and powerful slow-speed shredders for breaking down car bodies. Browse our full range of slow-speed shredders and secure finance all in one place!

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Car Bodies
car inside an olnova 95 dk slow speed shredder ready to be shred

Car Bodies processing questions

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How do I process car bodies - what is the best equipment?

Processing car bodies involves using specialized equipment such as shredders to break down the metal components into manageable pieces. Shredders play a pivotal role in the initial stages, efficiently reducing car bodies into smaller fragments for further recycling and repurposing in the automotive industry.

Why should I shred car bodies?

Shredding car bodies not only facilitates efficient recycling but also allows for the extraction of valuable metals, such as steel and aluminum, which can be sold as scrap or repurposed for various applications. For instance, the recycled metal may be used in manufacturing new automotive components, showcasing the economic viability of shredding in the circular economy. Additionally, by significantly reducing the volume of waste, shredding minimizes disposal costs and transportation expenses, as the compacted material takes up less space in dumpsters and decreases the need for frequent landfill trips.

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