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Volvo front loader feeding compost into orange trommel screen

Compost processing questions

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What equipment do you need to compost?

Trommel screens are common for separating compost into finer materials and turners are often used to mix/turn compost during its fermentation.

Is making compost worth it?

Turning soil and organic waste into compost can sometimes double the price of the product - if you have the time and space to do so, producing compost can make you a lot of money.

What materials do you need to make compost?

Compost is usually made up of topsoil and some form of organic matter. The organic matter is needed for fermentation to happen. This results in a nutrient rich product that is great for plant and crop growth. The organic matter can be anything from food waste to shredded wood, but generally the finer the product the better.

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