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New equipment for processsing Palm Trees

Shredders and other equipment for processing palm leaves and palm trees. Browse our full equipment range and get everything you need in one place.

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Palm Trees processing questions

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Can you shred palm trees?

The short answer is yes! The real answer is that while you can shred palm trees they are one of the most difficult material to process with a chipper or horizontal shredder. Palm trees are made up of long fibres that can wrap and bind in your equipment and cause stoppages. So, if you want to get in to shredding palm trees make sure your machine is up to the job.

Why is it difficult to shred palm trees?

Palm trees, their leaves and reads, are all made up of tough and long fibres. These fibres make palm trees one of the most difficult materials to process for most wood chippers, shredders and horizontal grinders — They are hard to break and can wrap around the shafts and teeth of your equipment.

What can you use shredded palm trees for?

One of the main reasons for shredding palm trees is to reduce their size for transport and dumping. But they can also be used for things like compost and animal feed. Combining finer pieces of shredded palm trees with soil and allowing it to ferment will create a great compost product, and shredded palm fronds can be fed directly to animals like pigs and goats

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