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New equipment for processsing Plastic Drums

Shredders for breaking down waste plastic drums. Browse our full equipment range and get everything you need in one place.

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Plastic Drums
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Plastic Drums processing questions

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Can you shred plastic drums?

Shredders designed for industrial use often have the capability to efficiently shred plastic drums, breaking them down into smaller components for recycling or disposal purposes.

What other kinds of plastic waste can be recycled?

Various types of plastic waste can be recycled using shredders, including plastic bottles, containers, packaging materials, PVC pipes, plastic toys, and more. Shredding these plastics breaks them down into smaller pieces, facilitating their processing for recycling purposes, such as melting and reforming into new products or materials.

What can you use shredded plastic drums for?

Shredded plastic drums can be repurposed into new products, construction materials, or even utilized for energy recovery processes, contributing to sustainable recycling practices.

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